Philosophy & History

All the cultures of the world are supposed to have their origin in Indian culture. The Sanskrit substitute for ‘culture’ is ‘sanskriti’, which stands for all the activities and behavioral patterns that are virtuous.

The word ‘culture’, now a days is used in so many peripheral contexts that its original meaning has been masked. An emerging drug or pub culture among the youngsters of today is an example related to this. That’s why there is need for an educational system which could mould the mentality of the society’s back bone i.e. Students.

This is well known to everyone that education has been much professionalized and commercialized. The lust of earning more and more money through educational institutions has deviated it from its main and fundamental basic aim of building a multidimensional personality of a student in order to prepare them to face the challenges of practical life.

DSVV is an exceptional creation, a unique university of its kind. A divine device of the almighty got executed through a sage, saint, and seer, vedmoorti, taponistha, Pt.  Shri Ram Sharma “Acharya”. He had a vision to revive old rishi traditions and to re-establish and uplift it in a renovated form from the current deteriorating state.

Vandaniya Mata ji perceived the extra ordinary vibrations of this land of DSVV, during the shraddhanjali-samaroh in 1990. At that time, she visited all the places, where the guests were to be accommodated and other programs were to be conducted. She went into the deep reverie for a few moments when she visited this place. On awakening, she commented that the land was supremely charged by divine vibrations. Construction work began after the sacred ritual of Bhoomi-pujan (23/5/1999) and Dev sanskriti Mahavidyalaya came into existence. Eventually, the governor of Uttarakhand state formalized it as “Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya” through an ordinance (22/1/2002).

The name Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya also carries great significance. Dev Sanskriti stands for the values, conventions and practices, inherited from the sublime practices, which we have inherited from the rishis, saints and scholars of the celestial land of India.