Vision & Mission Statement

The vision and mission that the University has embraced from the teachings of Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya, allow it to fashion its academic programmes in such a manner that the main objectives are thoroughly met and efficiently applied.

The vision of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya is to unite contemporary education with spiritual training to cultivate well-rounded, competent and personally uplifted graduates, who possess a scientifically grounded understanding and experience of spiritual transformation and a powerful drive to use their gifts to promote  the greater good of society.

The motto statement of the University is hence aptly framed as ‘A University for the Global Cultural & Spiritual Renaissance’. The mission of the University is as under:

  1. Confluence of traditional education with science and spirituality.
  2. Creation of devoted, righteous and learned students.
  3. Infusion of scientific spirituality into life style.
  4. Creation of citizens well-endowed with nationalistic ideals.
  5. Guiding future leaders by developing human values and oneness towards all.
  6. Conducting conventional research in non-conventional disciples.

The initiatives taken by the University in order to accomplish this vision are:

  • Offering courses in unique discipline such as in the subject of the scientific spirituality, which serve as mandatory module for all the undergraduate students of the University and help achieving the mission of the University of providing confluence of traditional education with science and spirituality.
  • Offering courses of conventional wisdom which are underpinned with modern understanding; such as the course programmes in the Yogic Science and Holistic Health and in the Indigenous Psychology that permit students to gain the spiritual understanding from a scientific perspective and to architect their lives based on great virtues.
  • Establishing a centre of wide recognition that is dedicated to undertake research on the scientific spirituality. Brahmvarchas Research Centre had conducted pioneering research in the discipline of scientific spirituality and continues to contribute by serving as backbone of the Research and Publication Cell of the University, which oversees publication of the International Interdisciplinary Journal of the University.
  • Carefully designing courses that provide a nice mix of the conventional knowledge as well as of contemporary education and hence, while University has courses based on the ancient traditions like Sanskrit, Indian History and Culture, Theology, Yogic Science and Human Consciousness; it also offers courses in modern disciplines such as in the Computer Science, Mathematics, Animation, Journalism and Mass Communication and Tourism. The wide array of subjects provides a distinctive identity to the University and assists it to follow its mission objectives.
  • Providing a unique course programme in the form of Life Management, which aims to unleash the hidden potential of the students and bring excellence in their lives. This module is mandatory for all students and hence, it provides an opportunity to create morally sound, conscientious citizens, who can lead the society and are well endowed with nationalistic ideals.
  • Founding unique centers within the University such as a multi-modal polyclinic, which houses all ancient Indian therapeutic techniques under one roof, a psychological disorders clinic based on indigenous psychotherapy, a distinctive acupressure path with herbal garden, and a cattle farm with zero waste management; all of which are linked to the course curriculum and hence, provide an excellent opportunity to the students to learn from the experience and from the environment while undertaking their routine studies.
  • Creating an exclusive Internship programme for the students that allow them to perform   social   service   by   being   with   socially  disadvantaged   individuals.
  • Opportunities for active engagement in social service are facilitated by the outreach work of University’s parent organization; the All World Gayatri Pariwar and this exceptional experience of social work allow them to learn about human values and oneness for all.
  • Cultivating spiritual life through private consultation with their professor-mentors and through a series of spiritual practices and  rituals,  carefully  designed  to cultivate the intellectual faculties of the students that are integrated into a set daily routine of each day. Additionally weekly classes taken by the Honorable Chancellor on Gita and Meditation serve as great  inspiration  for  all  the students.