Services Provided:

  • OPD for general masses in alternative therapies.
  • Free consultancy in all the streams of therapies.
  • Residential therapy for 10 to 30 days for different disorders as required of patients.
  • Training and classes in various aspects of yoga and alternative therapies to desirous aspirants.

Yoga Therapy Section:Yoga therapy section possesses four well equipped chambers to provide all the Yogic treatments to the patients. Expert Yoga therapists serve the patients with their optimum efforts. For the yogic cleansing process, a well facilitated cleansing lab has been established where over 40 persons can perform the Yogic cleansing practices at a time.

Naturopathy Section: This section is equipped with recent instruments used in various disciplines of naturopathy such as hydrotherapy, massage therapy, sun therapy, mud therapy etc. Here expert naturopaths provide practical knowledge to the students.

Panchakarma Section: This section was inaugurated on Nov. 2007 by Hon’ble Chancellor. Possessing all the recent tools, the special Panchakarma centre has been providing the therapies on basis of Panchakarma techniques. Expert Doctors serve the patients with their optimum effort and empathy which is foremost in faster healing process. This section is the focal centre of all treatments.

Yagyopathy Section: This section conducts ‘Yajnas’ with different herbal dusts, prepared by Holistic Health Laboratory in Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya as per needs of the patients concerned. This therapy, has been gaining global attention as an effective cure of diseases and promotion of holistic health.

Acupressure Section: According to the principles of Acupressure some particular points in our palm & soles connect via nerves to different organs in our body such as brain, heart, lungs, intestines etc. By applying continuous pressure on these points through magnets, we can enhance or suppress the function of the related organs to achieve desired effect. This section has treated many patients of chronic diseases within the short period of its inception.

Pranic Healing Section: Expert Pranic Healers have been providing this therapy as a complementary therapy to the patients successfully. Apart from Pranic healing this section also uses Reiky and Hypnotherapy for better results. This therapy, too, has been receiving world-wide recognition.

Psycho-therapy Section, Bio feed back section: This section carries its work through various psycho therapeutic techniques. Expert psychotherapists provide their services by adopting various spiritual, yogic, eastern and western methods. This section, also, has all the bio-feedback apparatus and there are over hundred types of standard questionnaires for measuring various personality traits.

Biological Section: This section is equipped with recent instruments for the biochemical, clinical and pathological investigations. It is capable of conducting all the related investigations with greater accuracy.

Physiotherapy Section: This section is also equipped with recent instruments and specialized doctors.