Departmental initiatives:

Faculty Members and Students regularly participate in various extension activities as part of the social commitment of the University. Students and faculty members actively participated in following extension activities organized by the Department in recent past:

  • National Program on “Ozone Depletion: Causes & Remediation” on the 16th September 2011 in collaboration with the Society of Environmental Education & Mass Awareness.
  • Workshop and Mass Awareness Program “Ganga Sankalp: For Clean Ganga” on the 15th January 2012 in collaboration with Society of Environmental Education & Mass Awareness.
  • National Seminar on “Plant based management of Ganga water pollution” on the 24 August 2012 in collaboration with CSRI –NBRI (National Botanical Research Institute), Lucknow.
  • Department has contributed at scientific level in National Movement “Nirmal Jan Ganga Abhiyan” organized by the sponsoring body of the University.
  • National Program “Ganga Nirmal Abhiyan” organized by the sponsoring body of the University.
  • Annual celebration of the World Environment Day.
  • Annual celebration of the World Wildlife Week.
  • Quiz competition on International Ozone Day on the 16th September 2014 in collaboration with the Society of Environmental Education & Mass Awareness.

University initiatives:

Faculty members and Students also participate in various activities / programs initiated by the University as mentioned below:

  • National Service Scheme: NSS with its motto “Not Me But You”, helps the students to develop appreciation for helpless people of the society.
  • Internship Program: The Internship Program of the University is unique. Before completion of their educational program, the students are expected to spend at least 2 months of their time and efforts to serve the society. In this duration, the students are sent to various parts of the country to work on seven major areas of social reform, namely Rural Development, De-addiction programmes, Women Empowerment, Environmental Protection, Free Health and Free education to all.
  • Cultural Programs: Students participate with enthusiasm in various cultural programs such as Gyan Diksha, International Festivals, Unnayan, Utkarsha etc..
  • DIYA: DIYA is an initiative taken by Dev Sanskriti University, which aims to improve and beautify the world we live in. DIYA aims to stir young minds towards bringing about a change in society, and to channelize energy and capabilities of youth of India, which are now half of India’s population, towards a single aim of transforming the era and change the face of the world. With this vision, DIYA was lit at the Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar on the convocation day of the year 2007 in the presence of Hon. Dr. Abdul Kalam and was much appreciated.
  • Gramothan Pariyojana: Students eagerly participate in the Rural Upliftment project of the University that includes Swaasthya (health), Swachchhata (Cleanliness and Hygiene) and Swaavlamban (Self-entrepreneurship) programs.
  • Taru Mitra/ Taru Putra: This initiative is for Environmental Conservation by adopting tree as a friend or family member.
  • Dushpravratti unmulan-Sadpravratti samvardhan: This initiative has been developed by Shantikunj to save the social and ethical values at global level by discarding the bad habits like Addiction of Alcohol / Smoking/ Tobacco and enhancing good habits by improving way of life.
  • Disaster Relief Programs: Students and all staff of University are participating in Disaster Relief Programs initiated by the sponsoring body of the organization.