Commencement : the Sports department of DSVV came into form in the year 2002.

Facilities : the sports dept has all the necessary facilities of Gymnasium, Indoor and Outdoor Games. Given below is the list:-

Grounds :

  1. Basketball
  2. Cricket
  3. Football
  4. Handball


  1. Badminton
  2. Kabbadi
  3. Kho-Kho
  4. Volleyball


  1. Long Jump
  2. Athletic including throwing Events

Gym with all the facilities

Sports Team:

Directior – Dr. Chninmay Pandya

Sports Officer – Sh. Manoranjan Tripathy

Gym Coach – Sh. Vikrant Wadhwa

Sport Coordinator – Sh. Baldau Devangan & Sh. Nandkishore Pandey

Sh. Rakesh Verma

Students Committee:-

Girls:- Purva Surjan, Shalini Rathore, Jageshwari Poyam, Priyanka Dwivedi, Gayatri Chandrakar, Shalini, Rashmi Dwivedi

Boys:- Tapasvi, Brijesh, Arpit, Rituraj, Ajay, Akhya, Gopal, Mukesh, Ipsit, Rahul, Subhash

Main Events are organized on the eve of Annual Day (Utsav) Celebrations every year.

Prominent Players (Annual day 2011)

Girls:  Aarti Verma

Boys:  Brijesh Singh

Champions Trophy 2011

Boys Champ:- Lomesh Chandrakar

Girls Champ:- Ritambhara Chandrakar

Vision: the dept has proposed the Indoor Badminton Stadium and Lawn Tennis Court. Also a Diploma in Physical education and Yoga is proposed and hopefully will commence in the session of July, 2011.

Upcoming Event:- Basket Ball Tournament in April, 2011

Monthly Sports Calendar

Month Event Venue
March Kabaddi/ Kho-Kho Central Ground
April Basket Ball Central Ground
May Examination
June Entrance
July Football R&D Ground
August Volleyball Central Ground
September Cricket R&D Ground
October Badminton Goutam Ground
November Examination
December Entrance Test
January Preperation of Annual Sports (UTSAV)
February UTSAV