Day @ DSVV

DSVV is situated on the banks of Holy River Ganges and in the lap of sacred Himalayan range that’s why University campus is fully charged with positive energy which you can feel easily. Atmosphere of this university inculcate hidden good quality, creativity of the student and remove bad habits, impression without any extra effort.

Regular routine of the students is also influenced by the university environment , so spiritual practices are an important part of students life.

Starting of a new life with full zeal & Enthusiasm. Wake up 4.00  am
To pray God, that this enthusiasm remains full day with us. Morning Prayer 4.30 to  4.45 am
Wandering through the levels of physical body to sub-conscious & then super conscious Meditation 4.45 to 5.15 am
Dedicate your whole being for the  upliftment  of world Yagna 5.15 to 6.30 am
Be fit & live a longer life Yoga 5.00 to 8.00 am
Time to show yourself   through knowledge & education Library 7.00  to 8.30 pm
Time for breakfast Breakfast 7.30 to 10.00 am
Time of study with value based education Class 8.35 am to 4.00 pm
Your lunch time 10.00  to 11.45 am
Time for your entertainment Indoor & Outdoor Sports 4.00 to 7.30 pm
Your Dinner Time Dinner 5.00 to 6.45 pm
Music Mantra Music classes 5.00 to 7.00 pm
Meditation Naad Yog 6.00 to 6.15 pm
Submission of your whole work to God Evening Prayer 8.30 to 8.40 pm
Moving from physical mind to subconscious mind Sleep 9.30 pm